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Steve Jobs No-Pressure Selling Secret - Revealed!

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(part 4 of 5)

If you’re looking for a way to make a lot of money without the pressure of making sales calls, direct response marketing is the most low-pressure form of selling there is.   No sale will actually happen without pressure.  Direct response is so  low-pressure in fact, you have to elicit the sales pressure within your prospect, which is the selling skill that  trumps all others and all master marketers have it.

Apple computer actually uses direct response marketing methods like perceived scarcity and elitism, which is an emotional hot-button in some people.  Apple claims they cannot meet demand for their latest products, Ipads or whatever, which causes people to be desperate to be the first person they know to get one.  It’s a bit of reverse psychology really and also very well integrated with the intentional elitism embedded in all of Apple’s branding and advertising.

When you buy the pressure you feel is your own desire to get an advantage for yourself or meet some basic need.  Without pressure coming from either outside of you (your spouse pressuring you, for example), or inside of you (need to keep up with the Joneses, perhaps), you aren’t read more of Steve Jobs No-Pressure Selling Secret – Revealed!

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