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Ozzy Ozborne, Malibu Freaks, Yoga and The Universal Laws of Abundance and Prosperity

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Sooner or later, you may come to the conclusion that I am not a safe-n-sane online marketing-expert dude, but really some sort of crazy freak.  That’s ok – because from my point of view non-freaky people are a bit dull.  If you were to become a client or friend of mine you’d find out sooner or later, so I might as well admit it.

While not in the class of freaky, the truth is I prefer playing guitar and reading fiction to the fussy business of how you make money with all this crazy website stuff, but we all have to make a living, don’t we?

Eka Pada Viparita Dandasana one legged standing back-bend

Photo by Lululemon Athletica

Before 4 or 5 years years ago making a lot of money was not high on my priority list at all.  Even though I’d been selling on Ebay since 1999, I treated it mostly as a hobby, not a career.   It wasn’t that I saw making money as being un-spiritual or bad – I was just involved in stuff where money wasn’t the big criteria.

I was  involved in yoga, music, shamanistic “healing work” between the ages of 23 and 35.  In fact, I lived in Malibu, California for several years (hence the blog name), which is a veritable hotbed of freaky people activity compared to which my own freak-ness is quite tame.  I could tell you some stories… but we’ll save that for another day.

Incidentally, Malibu is as much a state of mind as a place and furthermore, there are two Malibus:  “the movie star” sandy beach Malibu where Ozzy Ozborne and Britney Spears have homes,  and the “coyote ate the cat” Malibu which is more of a mountainous coastal desert region.  I lived in the mountains.

“The trip I get hung-up about is that if I get into the spiritual field of looking at things, I think I’m not being pragmatic or practical.  Thus I have this ongoing push-pull with my freaky self and my pragmatic, results-oriented self.”

On closer examination and growing a bit more sure of myself however, I’m now ready to declare my beliefs to you:  You can be spiritual and metaphysical and also very much in the mix and making money.   The two do indeed mix well, but you’ll have to do some experimenting to find the formula that works best for you. Your spiritual side doesn’t have to hide when your money-making hat is on and vice versa – both sides can co-exist and help each other to grow.

My transition to a hard-nosed “results oriented” direct marketing type did not come suddenly, but eventually I did make a change – curtailing my  Bohemian behavior to focus on developing my skills as an online marketer.  For me the shift involved a jettisoning of habits I’d had for several years and a new seriousness of focus on the nitty-gritty of my new chosen career (I made my living as a carpenter before).

All this shifting has been part of my life’s journey and a largely positive thing, though not un-painful in some ways.  Recently I’ve reconsidered some of my old notions,  but in a new context coming from my experiences as a marketer and freelance copywriter/consultant.

New Age Nuttiness…

Even though I’ve been around the new age scene and had some extraordinary experiences, I don’t buy into all the wild ideas that “new thought” or “metaphysical” type people sometimes talk about.  In particular,  pertaining to making money  I’ve been critical of a lot of the “laws of abundance” and “law of attraction” stuff going around, but I also try to keep an open mind.

For example: in no way will I tell you that if you sit in your bedroom and wish for somebody to give you a million dollars will you get it.  I will tell you instead that it’s a very good and useful exercise to get a specific idea in your head about what you want to achieve.  Then you have to take action in the marketplace of life to create the reality where somebody would write you a million dollar check, provided you had an idea worth that amount of money and the skill to sell it.

There’s a thing I learned in studying NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) that goes by different names but I prefer “evidence procedure“, which means the set of feelings and visualizations  you can project into the future to show your mind what the outcome of your goal is going to be like.  Rather than focusing on the goal, you tell your mind to fetch the specific outcome and the subsconcious mind takes care of lots of nitty-gritty details in between.  You direct your mind to fetch the outcome, like a dog fetching a thrown stick, and your marvelous subsconscious brain works out many of the details of getting the outcome for you.  It’s quite elegant and useful and worth learning about.

Napoleon Hill, if you’re familiar with his writing, was very specific in his book “Think and Grow Rich” that you can establish whatever intent you want in terms of the money you want, but in return you must also have a plan to deliver value to the marketplace.  Furthermore, Hill repeatedly admonishes that in all probability many of your plans will fail to bear much fruit but that if you want to acquire monetary wealth you must persevere with great intensity.

The advantage of seeing success through a somewhat “spiritual” lens is that it can help you keep balance while you’re working hard to create prosperity for yourself.  Your spirituality, if you call it that, can help you be both energized and relaxed about the whole process of making things happen for yourself, which can be a lot of work.  Work without meaning becomes tedious and a chore.  The thing about being an entrepreneur however is you have to maintain enthusiasm and creative flexibility and energy over  a long period of time.  A spiritual or philosophically grounded way of seeing success as a journey and a process can help you stick to your vision, stay empowered, and persevere for as long as it takes you to succeed.

The post author, Loren Woirhaye writes sales copy and creates marketing systems for business clients who want to slash customer acquisition costs and position their businesses For 20%-30% sales growth in the next 12-18 months. He writes regularly about marketing and life at his Entrepreneur Blog.

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  • Hey Loren,

    All the time I was visualizing you on the Westcoast, because of the mentioning of Malibu, but this post made it clear that I had that completely wrong.

    Oh well ;-)

    Being a painter I understand what you say about freaky experiences. Our existence remains very mysterious.

    I look at Internet Marketing as a real inspiring means to communicate worldwide, with just a few clicks here and there. We are very lucky to have that opportunity.

    And making a bit of money doesn’t hurt either.

    Thanks for your post,

    JanPaul recently posted..HelmantelMy ComLuv Profile

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