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I Wish I Listened To My Mother More

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(part 1 of 5)

(If your mom is crazy or mean, you may have good reasons not to listen to her, but my mom is a cool, peace-loving person, so her advice tends to be constructive.)

When I was in college my mother reminded me to “do your reading” from time to time.  I was more interesting in having the kind of fun that didn’t involve books.  You (probably don’t) know the catch tune by the Scottish band the Proclaimers:

“Come on nature, I don’t want to read a book or talk about the world
Come on nature, I just want to spend some time being boy to the girl”

Well, those randy Scottish lads just wanted to get busy in the clover.  While the group is still active and probably making money, the lads are in  their late 40s now and I bet are a bit more interested in books than chasing girls.

In any case, in college I majored in English for some odd reason I’ve forgotten.  I had a lot of reading to do, and much of it was long, tedious 19th century novels.  To be fair, I did get exposed to some excellent old-fashioned literature but it was a bit much.  For years after I mostly read how-to books and very little fiction or literature.  I also became very involved in playing music – which never took the shape of any cogent career thing, so at best I can call myself a skilled hobbiest musician.

“So You Want To Get Rich, eh?”

In studying successful entrepreneurs you will find that there aren’t many of them who are making their money in one field and also functioning at a high-level in another field as a hobby.  Their efforts are undiluted.  They are often work-a-holics, addicted to their careers.  In short, it’s hard to do two careers at the same time – it splits your efforts.

This is not an easy lesson if you want to be very successful or even wealthy.  Felix Dennis, who is this crazy-rich British publisher, wrote a book called “How To Get Rich” and in it he actively discourages the reader.  See, Dennis made almost a billion dollars for himself in publishing.  He says if knew what he knows now he would have focused less on making money and more on other things.  To make amends he writes poetry and plants a lot of trees these days.  His youth is gone forever, and he has remained a bachelor married to his career and without children of his own (no, he’s not gay).  He sacrificed many of the things “regular” people get in order to get more money than he could possibly ever spend.

The post author, Loren Woirhaye writes sales copy and creates marketing systems for business clients who want to slash customer acquisition costs and position their businesses For 20%-30% sales growth in the next 12-18 months. He writes regularly about marketing and life at his Entrepreneur Blog.

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