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Generate targeted traffic

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Traffic, everybody needs quality traffic

unless you are giving away something that has a wide, relatively undesciminating

market (like nudie pics) you want targeted traffic to your site. Untargetd traffic

is pratically useless for selling anything online or even getting free newsletter

sign ups.

Trust me on this, a small quantity of the right traffic is vastly superior to 10,000

hits from people who weren’t looking for what you have to offer. If you are buying

traffic in bulk, thats probably what you are getting and thats why its not

profitable to you.

In order to get the right traffic you need to get compelling content out there on

the web. Writing articles is a great way to do this. When somebody reads your

article they might check out your byline and see what you are offering. More

importantly, articles increase your site’s relevancy in the search engines by

creating a lot of “backlinks” as the article gets distributed on the web.

Veretekk and

Traffic Connection are undoubtedly two of the best systems around for generating

huge numbers of relevant links. Links create search engine positioning. Search

engine positioning results in highly targeted traffic.


The post author, Loren Woirhaye writes sales copy and creates marketing systems for business clients who want to slash customer acquisition costs and position their businesses For 20%-30% sales growth in the next 12-18 months. He writes regularly about marketing and life at his Entrepreneur Blog.

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