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Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Reading time: 5 – 8 minutes

Jaguar Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Like a lot of things that are “secrets” the stuff I will reveal to you in my coaching will seem obvious to you when they are pointed out.

Much of business success is just common sense BUT sometimes it takes somebody telling you a thing to get it through your head.

I have built my money-making online business almost entirely through Affiliate Marketing.

Yeah. It’s true.

And you thought I was a network marketer, and I am.

As you will be when you come to grips with what network marketing really is. It is nothing more than building a circle of influence.

Doesn’t matter if its online or off. Network marketing is still all about influencing people to buy products or services which you either personally provide or you sell as a middleman.

I have made a lot of money as a middleman – Selling marketing tools, ebooks, training courses. Information products in general

I never went in for the vitamins and stuff like that – MLM stuff. Just not really my cup of tea. I couldn’t get fully behind it. That doesn’t mean MLM won’t work for you or it is not worth pursuing – I just prefer to read more of Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Give a Man Just Enough Rope….

Reading time: 6 – 9 minutes

“Give a Man Just Enough Rope….

And he’ll hang himself with it.”

Its an old saying. In a nutshell – if somebody isn’t doing right,if he’s lying or he’s doing something he doesn’t feel proud of…And you are pretty sure of it – just give him enough rope andhe’ll hang himself.

Show his colors, as they say.

You know, I’ve been called arrogant and some people no doubt condemn my business as being a lowly form of money-grubbing.The truth is that money is a motivation but its not a higher priority than integrity or honesty to me.

I called an old lead today. It was a guy who had expressedserious interest in Jaguar Platinum a while back and he hadnever followed through. I called him to see if he was stillin the market for an income program.

As soon as he learned what I was calling about he toldme he wasn’t looking anymore because he had found something.

Immediately he boasted of his income to me. I didn’t askand I’m unimpressed by income claims, but he bragged anyway.

Our conversation was very brief. As soon as he finishedtelling me how much money he was planning to make in read more of Give a Man Just Enough Rope….

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