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Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

Are You Self-Motivated?


Are you sure.

I’ll bet there are limits to the areas of your life in which you have sufficient self-motivation to attain your goals.

How do I know?


Would you like to lose weight? Why has this been a challenge? Could it be that there is a lack of consistent clarity on this issue?

We all do it.

I Like having a clean house. Sure. But is it a priority? Not really. I have a girlfriend for whom cleaning the house is a higher priority than it is for me. She takes action WAY before I do.THE POINT HERE IS THAT WE ARE ALL ONLY – SELECTIVELY SELF-MOTIVATED.

Its OK.

But this is a big reason a lot of people suffer. One way of saying it is they fail to get their priorities straight.

They choose to spend there time doing things which are EASY, rather than doing the things which challenge them.

I do it. You do it too.

We are not always

Can Anyone Guarantee Your Success With A Big Ticket Program?

Reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

How Long Should It Take To be Successful?

In the home business industry there is a great deal of rhetoric about making the big dollars fast… and that can and does happen when the conditions are right.

Chances are, however, that you will not stumble onto a goldmine of easy riches.

The people who make the big dollars quickly always have skills and resources you may not have. When you read the success story of “Joe X” who made $35,000 in his second month with “The Big Ticket Program” , there is a whole part of the story that is being withheld.For instance:

- Joe has a lot of well-to-do golfing buddies and he recruited a couple of them right off the bat. These guys already make great money in their Jobs, so they were almost just doing a favor for Joe.

- Joe was an advertising executive at a local tv station for 12 years.

- Joe had $30,000 to spend on advertising to start his business.

- Joe has been in and out of the network marketing world for 15 years and has a lot of sales experience.

- etc. etc.

The point is that if you DON’T have some read more of Can Anyone Guarantee Your Success With A Big Ticket Program?

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Committment makes for success

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

I have sponsored quite a number of folks who wereall turned-on about promoting my syste, yetdid NOT promote.

Presumably life got in the way.

Most folks just don’t really get their mindsaround what the internet IS and what it takesto succeed selling info-products, etc…

(selling stuff on EBAY is different. Anybodycan make some money on Ebay.)

Marketing, online or Offline, is a multifacteddiscipline. Lots of folks get excited about themoney work-from-home marketers can earn… andthe lifestyle they can enjoy… yet FAIL to dothe work required to…

COMPREHEND WHAT it IS That Successful Marketers DO!

First people need to be willing to put in the“brain time” to “GET IT”… Then they need toput in the hours online to get the word out.

Doesn’t matter if you do PPC or SEO or Bloggingfor dollars, you still need to put thought, timeand effort into doing the things required to makemoney online.

Most Folks just stall out sometime before they actuallyGet Started.

I think a big part of the reason guys get frustratedis they consistently “play small” with their onlineefforts… not really investing much money and notreally taking much of the kind of risk real entrepreneursdo.

Its really a case of reaping what you sow.

Sow “10 dollar read more of Committment makes for success

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